For Your Special Day 

Why Have Balloons At Your Event? 

* Balloons transform even the plainest hall into a beautiful, colorful party place. 
* Balloon decorations are a more economical way to fill your party room
compared to other forms of decorating media. 
* Balloons come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and designs. 
* Balloons can be used in many different ways. 
* Balloons are made of latex, which is a natural biodegradable product that
won't harm the environment. 

Our Booth At The Welcome Wagon Bridal Show 2000


String of pearls over stage



String of Pearls over head table


Spiral  Arch


Mylar Arch ( Table top and floor styles available )



                                                                                    Balloon Trees          


3 Balloon Centerpiece Clusters



Heart Topped Columns ( indoors or out )

Our Decorating Prices Include
* One In Home/Office Planning Session. 
* One On Site Planning Session. 
* Set Up & Removal At End Of Event. 
(Minimum $150.00 booking required) 
We use only the Best Quality Balloons 
manufactured by "Qualatex" & "Anagram"


We Specialize in Custom Decorating
What ever Your Theme, 
We will Dazzle You with the Decor 
 (Portfolio available for viewing)
To arrange an Appointment for a Complimentary Consultation
Daley Greetings


Head Table Decor
* Single Row "String of Pearls" Arch   * Double Row "String of Pearls" Arch 
* Triple Row "String of Pearls" Arch * Single Row "Heart Shaped" Arch 
* Criss Cross "String of Pearls" Arch   * "Spiral" Cluster Arch 
* "Spiral" Heart shaped Cluster Arch   * Balloon Clouds 
* "Spiral" Cluster Balloon Columns 

* Choose from 1 to 9 Balloons * Gumball Balloon Centrepieces 
* Topiary Balloon Centrepieces * Custom Centrepieces (Sports, Theme, Hi-Tech, etc.)

Entrance Ways 
* Single Row "String of Pearls" Archway * "Spiral" Cluster Balloon Archway 
* "Spiral" Cluster Balloon Columns 

Balloon Trees 
* Choose from 3 to 13 Balloons * Spiral Tiered Balloon Trees 

Balloon Releases 
* Bridal Surprise Church Balloon Release * Limo Balloon Release 
* Corporate & Retail Net Releases (200 or more balloons) 

Dance Floor 
* Cinderella Dance Floor Canopy featuring a Suspended 4' "Spiral" Cluster 
Heart, Tulle Swags & 4 - Princess "Spiral" Cluster Columns topped with 3  Balloons 
* Criss Cross "String of Pearls" Canopy 
* "String of Pearls" Dome Canopy 

Dance Floor Balloon Drops 
* Choose from 100 to 500 Balloons * 4  Heart Shaped Balloon Drops 
* 7  Heart Shaped Balloon Drops * 4  Star Shaped Balloon Drops 
* 7  Star Shaped Balloon Drops * 3  Balloon filled with 5" Balloons 

Balloon Sculptures
* Bride & Groom-Life-size Sculptures * Diamond Ring Sculpture
* 4  Heart Sculpture * 5  Heart Sculpture 
* Sports Figures-Life Size Sculptures

Wedding Altars 
* Single Row "String of Pearls" Altar * "Spiral" Cluster Balloon Altar 

Balloon Walls
* Weddings, Corporate Events, Theme Parties

" There are no limits to our imagination "


  Rental Items 
* Wishing Well

* White Trees with White Twinkle Lights ( Sorry No Pic Yet)


Rent Me!

To add class to your wedding day take a trip down memory lane 
Rent this blast from the past 58 Chevy with driver.


                       Left side and back view of the 58 Chevy          Right side view of the 58 Chevy


Inside view of the 58 Chevy with some very happy customers.

For more info or to place an order 

Call  Daley Greetings

Email Chris @ 50s4ever@igs.net

For Pricing Call:(613)720-9254

Fax Us At: (613) 725-9011

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